You’ve Accepted an Offer on Your Home, Now What?

Inspecting Electrical PannelAccepting an offer on your home can be very exciting, but what happens next is also part of the selling process. Most likely the home buyer has agreed to purchase your home with a contingency clause in the purchase contract allowing them five to ten days to complete a home inspection and respond. Remember to be flexible with the time you allow your home to be inspected. The buyer, buyers agent, and the home inspector are trying to coordinate their schedules to get the deal completed as soon as possible. The more flexible you are the faster the inspection can be scheduled.

Try to move things out of the way in areas that the home inspector will need to access.  In the bathroom you should clear out the space beneath your sinks, and remove items from inside tubs, showers and sink basins. In the kitchen remember to clear out the area under the sink and empty any dishes out of the oven and dishwasher, as many inspectors will want to run the appliances for a few minutes to make sure they function properly. Your inspector will also need access to your water heater, furnace, and air conditioning systems, so clearing a path to these systems will help a great deal.

Other areas your home inspector will need access to are entrances to the attic, basement, storage spaces, and the crawl space. Be sure the entrances are not blocked, locked, or screwed down. It’s also useful to make sure all of the light bulbs are working so there will be adequate lighting for a proper inspection.

It’s also a good idea to leave the house and make sure there are no pets around. The more crowded the house the more difficult to maneuver and see everything that needs to be inspected. Also, you want the new home buyers to get comfortable with their potential new home.

Rest assured that most home inspectors we will make every effort to respect your property while inspecting your home. They’ll  take time to do things right, leave everything as clean as they found it, and reset your mechanical equipment to its original settings. Keep these tips in mind to help create a smooth inspection process which will keep your sale moving steadily forward.

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