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Our home inspector is Bruce Spencer Niemi. Bruce has been performing home inspections in the Puget Sound area for more than twenty years, with a focus on helping home buyers and sellers avoid unpleasant surprises and delays in the purchase and selling of their homes. He uses state-of-the-art infrared scanners, leak detection devices, air testing units, cameras and other professional tools of the trade. He will accurately assess your home’s condition within hours and relay that information to you in a positive and professional manner.

In addition to starting and running his own home inspection business Bruce has also purchased and remodeled several homes; turning them from poorly designed and maintained homes into high quality, good functioning houses that anyone would be proud to call home.

Our clients include homeowners, home sellers, home buyers, realtors, investors, non-profit agencies, condominium and HOA associations, public agencies, attorneys, real estate agencies and brokerage firms acting on the behalf of home buyers or sellers. They know they can always count on us for accurate, reliable information.

Bruce is proud to be a:

  • Licensed Home Inspector in the State of Washington - #525
  • Certified Member of ASHI (American society of Home Inspectors) - #203995
  • Licensed Pest Inspector in the State of Washington - #52578
  • Bonded and Insured Professional Home Inspector
  • Owner/Inspector for Spencer Home Inspection, LLC