Structural Pest Inspection

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Real estate sales transactions often require a formal wood-destroying organisms inspection report. The inspection report will include a graphical representation of the structure or portions of the structure inspected, indicating the approximate location of any infested areas and the parts of the structure where conditions exists which would ordinarily subject such parts to attack by wood-destroying organisms.

We will inspect the structure to provide an opinion on the presence and extent of wood destroying organisms such as termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles and wood decay fungi. In addition we will look for conditions conducive to wood destroying organisms such as:

  • Faulty Grade Levels
  • Inadequate Clearance in the crawl space
  • Earth-wood Contact
  • Cellulose Debris in the crawl space
  • Insufficient Ventilation
  • Excessive Moisture such as wet soil in the crawl space, improper draining that contributes to standing water and/or seasonal standing water in the crawl space, plumbing leaks or any other commonly controllable moisture condition that poses a threat to structural members or prevents inspection of the crawl space.